About EduQuilters

EduQuilters, Inc. is a group of quilters committed to sharing their passion for quilting with the children of our community and with other quilters by holding programs and classes on quilting and related subjects.

The purpose of this organization is to educate in the art, techniques and traditions of quilting.

Membership is open to anyone committed to the organization's goals who will help further our mission. Annual dues are $20.

Donations: EduQuilters is a 501 (C)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible.

Sponsors: KQP is partially funded by grants from The National Quilting Association, The Margaret Binz Foundation, The Margaret Heins Foundation, The Gannett Foundation/Florida Today, Bette George, Gail Shepard, and Matt Copija, with continuing in-kind support from Dr. John E. Engel and The Warm Company.

EduQuilters Projects

Major Projects: QAKH (Quilters Against Kids Homelessness), which provides quilts to homeless and ill Brevard County children; KQP (The Kids Quilt Project), which provides quilt education to children in organizations, schools and summer camps; Coastal Quilters, which provides quilt education to adults and students who wish to expand their camp quilting experiences.

In the Beginning: EduQuilters and The Kids Quilt Project (KQP)

KQP began with one teacher, fourteen fourth graders, two volunteers, and four sewing machines pulled from quilters' closets. The project grew instantly, and with it our need for additional funding and sewing machines. Up came the idea to start a not-for-profit organization which would enable us to serve more students. EduQuilters became official in 2005, adding services and workshops as the requests came in. Hundreds of students have learned to quilt with EduQuilter volunteers in and out of school classrooms. Summer quilt camp, now in its twelfth year, is a tradition. Organizations such as 4-H, Jr. Womens Club, and Girl Scouts have quilt projects which are part of KQP.

Coastal Quilters

When: 3rd Saturday of each of month: January - November*
9:30 -3:00

Where: Scotty Culp Auditorium, 565 Cassia Blvd., Satellite Beach,Florida

Non-members may participate in a Coastal Quilters Workshop by reserving space and paying the class fee.

For workshop topics, click on Events. To register for a workshop, contact us for fee information and a supply list.



Margie Engel, President
Laura Costanzo, Treasurer
Sheryl Milner, VP
Patti Gamblin, Secretary
Dawn Gipson, Membership Joane Engel, VP, Education
Nancy Deibner, Development